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  INTRODUCTION Right now you are doing a mitzvah. Actually you are doing more than one. You are taking time out for yourself (mitzvah #1), you are learning Torah (mitzvah #2) and you are giving tzedekah as the proceeds from the book are going to charity (mitzvah #3). By the time you finish reading this book, you will probably discover that you are doing far more than the three mitzvahs I just mentioned. The idea for Grocery Shopping with God came directly from a series of lectures by Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwarz, a brilliant, funny, warm teacher from Monsey, New York. I told her many times that her ideas would make a great book and she said, "Then write it!!" Little did she know that, actually, I am a writer by profession. But writing children's television and writing Jewish self-help books couldn't be more different. So after many years of percolation and procrastination, here it is.

The premise of this book is that in our daily routines, we are inherently doing mitzvahs. Every hour, every day, week in and week out, literally thousands and thousands of them. Whether we are driving carpool, going grocery shopping or cleaning out closets, these seemingly endless, rote activities can actually be mitzvahs! How can this be? Contrary to the popular notion that a mitzvah is a good deed, the actual definition of the word "mitzvah" is "commandment." A mitzvah is a commandment straight from God designed to give your life purpose and meaning. This book will examine mitzvahs from the Torah that we are already doing, (most likely without realizing it) and help us understand them better. This understanding will allow you to elevate the mundane to the meaningful, transforming the daily grind into a daily goldmine.