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  ABOUT BOOK Grocery Shopping with God is a practical, hands-on guide designed to bring meaning and value to our daily routines. Inspired by classes given by Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwarz, this book gives Jewish women the tools to make the mundane meaningful. By learning about and applying mitzvahs to our actions, we can infuse spirituality into our everyday lives.


"This is a practical, insightful and down-to-earth book that will help readers realize that religion is portable and you can take it with you. It is extremely enjoyable and a wonderful guide to infusing spirituality in our everyday activities."

-- Rabbi Yaakov Bienenfeld>

"With her insatiable quest for knowledge and growth, Karen Kuflik has written a book that encapsulates living life to its fullest. I hope it touches you as it has touched me."

-- Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwarz

"Grocery Shopping with God will change the way you deal with the reality of your day to day life. It is inspiring, engaging, heartfelt and educational. Karen Kuflik is not only a talented author, mother, wife and friend, she is a real truth seeking Jew."

-- Rabbi Yeruchum Goldwasser
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